To The People Of Tumblr,

A while back Harold, Anthony, and I started a webseries. It was going to be this sort of scifi, horror, comedy, mystery type mashup that had vlogging aspects along with POV stuff, and even more traditional setups. We had a semi decent response, but were thinking of starting it up again, and reigniting our passion for the project.

Above is a playlist with all of the first “season”. It’s comprised of 18 videos ranging from minute long vignettes to ten minute long vlogs, and short film type stuff. I would love for all those interested to take a look at a few, and if you like subscribe to this channel (Chowder Town 0). It’s where the series will be continued to. It’s a brand new channel. So there’s nothing up yet, but we will be importing all the previous videos there so that it can be a one stop shop for the new leg for the series.

Reblog it! Share it! Subscribe to the channel! Tell me you love me. Validate me so I might feel some form of self worth for once!…
Just kidding, but seriously, any reblog and subscribe would help us out a lot, and frankly encourage us to put more time, and effort into the show. We’re hoping to make something really cool here.

Also, I might’ve forgotten to mention. At the core of this there is a nuggetty, chocolatey, delectable Doctor Who related plotline. Need I say more? So for all that watch the show, I hope that you enjoy it! For all that want to see more, subscribe! Reblog this, and be merry. Many pleases, and many thank yous are in order if you do.


Joey Pedras