Strange Happenings…


So there’s a series of videos my friends Harold, and Anthony, and I have made. There’s been a lot of strangeness going on with Harold for a while. Weird visions, unsettling dreams, feelings that would make the hairs on your neck stand. You know, all that good stuff. Though lately things have been getting weirder. I could sit here explaining everything, but I’ll let the videos explain for me. If you’re interested in oddities, and have any insight you can follow the journey so far with the links I’m placing below. Many of them might seem strange, and awkward, and a bit eerie. Things are being unraveled as we speak. Here’s what’s happening:

Harold’s Videos:


So this is a catalog of everything that’s happened so far. I’m sure new videos will be coming in often as things progress, and unravel. It started with a nightmare, and now we’re at this very odd stage. Not sure what could be going on. There’s a lot that’s been said, and there’s a lot that’s been unsaid. The one thing we can be sure of is that there’s still a lot to figure out.